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BR Mk1 BG Full Brake 'Laboratory 23' BR RTC (Revised)
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BR Mk1 BG Full Brake 'Laboratory 23' BR RTC (Revised)


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Laboratory 23 began life as a BR Mk1 BG Full Brake and was put into use by the RTC as a generator coach for the POP train – a test bed for the Advanced Passenger Train (APT). Still carrying Blue & Grey livery when first used in the POP train, the vehicle later gained the distinctive Red & Blue livery before being repainted into the colours seen here during the 1980s. With the APT project abandoned in the mid-1980s, the POP train was disbanded and auxiliary vehicles such as Laboratory 23 found use in all manner of tests, essentially being added at any test train that required a generator vehicle to provide a power supply.

Based on the Bachmann Branchline OO scale Mk1 BG, our model is highly detailed and carries a wonderful rendition of this colourful livery. Fitted with B4 bogies, the model includes NEM coupling pockets mounted on a close coupling mechanism.

Only 504 certified models have been produced.

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